Our Team

Who We Are

MaxDecisions started with a clear mission of helping banks, financial services organizations and fintechs to build real time identity and credit underwriting strategies. We’ve helped clients in personal loans all the way to neobanks on getting their product and services launched. Trusted by over 100 clients, we are ready to help.

What We Do

Tech, Data, Algorithm. Rinse and Repeat. We pour through millions of sets of data to create the most up to date algorithms and deliver through our secure decision engine API to help our lenders to focus on whats important to them, building relationships with their customers.

What Makes Us Better

What sets us apart is our domain knowledge. With our decades of experience, we help our clients to build “common sense” solutions to solve their issues without bloated technology and build and overpaid datasets. We take provide in our solutions and we are ready to help.

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