Why Us

Our Team

We are all problem solvers at MaxDecisions. We thrive on solving issues for our clients. Whether it is identity verification, marketing analytics, direct mail response models and metro2 reporting. Our staff is fully trained, licensed to help our clients to focus on what they do best, building relationships with their customers.

Our Processes

We quickly identity the issue at hand and select the best data, algorithm and technology to save our clients time and money. We stacked our off the shelf algorithms and strategies into our decision engine to provide a “plug and play then reiterate” approach that not only comes with speed but accuracy.


Our team members have gone to sophisticated national banks and lenders and top international FinTechs as well as e-commerce giants after their tenure at MaxDecisions. We are about training, education and life long learning. If you want to join us and start your career in this fascinating intersection of analytics, technology and fintech, please click on “learn more” below.

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