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What We Do

Risk management is taking a holistic view of your overall strategy. Banks, Financial Services and FinTechs have different risk profiles when it comes to underwriting their customers. Risk at the time of acquisition, check out, search and demand warrants a different strategy to deflect fraudulent attempts. Utilizing real time decision engine, MaxDecisions can deliver an actionable KYC/KYB tech stack that can mitigate today’s risk concerns.

Risk Management for a range of financialSectors

How we do it

We’ve developed statistical modeling software to quickly identify key attributes from vast arrays of variables to make sophisticated statistical models even sharper sharper. Delivered through our decision engine, we reduce the implementation time by exposing API for our clients to utilize in real time.

Why It Is Better

With our domain knowledge and technological know how, we can help you to goto market faster, reduce losses faster and increase profit with predictable rhythm. We are better because we can move faster, implement solutions that make common sense as oppose to bloated solutions thats slow and costly.

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10 Ways To Boost Your Direct Mail Campaign

Jun 22, 2016


I wrote this blog back in 2015 to help our clients with some tools they can use right away to boost their direct mail campaign. As I evolve as an marketing analytics professional, I constantly revisit this direct mail marketing blog and adding more insights to the top 10 list!

For Immediate Release: MaxDecisions, Inc. Expands Into New Headquarters – Mckinney, TX

May 22, 2017


MaxDecicisons™, is a leader in analytics and predictive modeling, today announced the expansion into a brand new headquarters in McKinney, TX. As we continually grow our business and industry coverage, we needed space and additional data and physical security to support our expansion.

How We Hacked “FICO” Score in 30 Minutes

Aug 1, 2016


FICO score is probably the widely know credit risk score that everyone in the industry uses. Whether it is used to grant credit, approval for a rental agreement, there is no avoiding the infamous credit score.

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