Top 3 Reasons Direct Mail Grows Top Line Revenue

Why is direct mail a cost effective way of generating accurate and timely leads?

  1. Direct scan of credit bureau data across 400 million records.
    • One of the best reasons to scan through this massive database is to find the customers you need to reach out to that may not have heard about your product or services.
    • There are various techniques to select the best records from these databases
  2. Less competition in the mailbox and inbox
    • Today’s inboxes are crowded with spam and materials that customers simply don’t read or delete
    • Inboxes and banner ads are not used by the consumers to make a critical purchase decision
    • Physical mail can deliver information, embossed card and other types of media that electric means can’t
  3. Reduce cost and competition versus buying advertising media online
    • Google and Facebook are increasing their costs to advertisers
    • Often time, advertise has zero control over their strategy or ad placement
    • Costly venture to have internal or external staff to battle ever changing algorithms

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