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Our models run millions of transactions and help financial services companies to make critical decisions

  • Accurate credit risk model
  • Predictive response models
  • Online lead gen underwriting models
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A strong portfolio requires strong analytics

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AI to Right-Size Risk

  • Identity Fraud Detection
  • Credit Risk Modeling and Underwriting
  • Direct Mail and Lead Gen Filtering Analytics
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Custom A.I. and ML Solutions

Risk Management

We specialize in

We specialize in identity fraud risk and credit risk. Identity fraud easily consists of 15% of total charge off. MaxDecisions implement the latest identity KYC/KYB technology and algorithms to help you to reduce fraud.


With data, technology

With data, technology and machine learning algorithms, we reduce cost per acquisition, increase your response rate. Whether you are buying internet leads or delivering pre-screened direct mail, we have the latest technology to help you to increase your market penetration.

Identity Fraud

Proof of life is here to

Proof of life is here to stay and there are new technology and strategies to help you differentiate bots vs a real prospect thats looking for your product and services. MaxDecisions can deliver a real time, interactive KYC/KYB tool for your small business and consumer facing credit business.

Credit Risk Modelling

Credit risk can no

Credit risk can no longer be controlled with a few simple rules. Our machine learning algorithm delivered through our decision engine can mine through thousands of variables in real time to provide a 360 degree view of your prospects and customers.

“Our State by State lending strategy was complicated to manage internally. MaxDecisions team took it over and made it super easy for us to manage all 12 states.”

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White Paper: MaxDecisions COVID Personal Credit Impact Analysis

Dec 16, 2020


The coronavirus or COVID19 has caused a worldwide impact. The extend of its damage to our lives is still unknown.

What’ In Your Mailbox? Episode 2: “What’s your COVID19 direct mail response rate?”

May 18, 2020


I’ve been asked this a lot in the past few months. I think everyone’s expectation that the response will be low, but just how low? And is it acceptable to keep on mailing despite a slow down?

MaxDecisions Delivers 4% Response Rate In Direct Mail Campaign

Feb 25, 2020


MaxDecicisons is a leader in analytics and predictive modeling, today announced an industry first, unparalleled direct mail response result with 4% response rate with its newest subprime lending client.

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