MaxDecisions, Inc. Launches Enterprise A.I. & Machine Learning Services – MaxDecisions A.I.

Plano, TX (April 18th, 2019) – For Immediate Release – MaxDecicisons Inc., a leader in direct mail marketing, analytics, and predictive modeling, today announces the official launch of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a service for the entire financial sector. “MaxDecisions, A.I.” is now in general release for all our clients.

After 2 years of intense development in MaxDecisions, Inc’s R&D Lab led by Stephanie Ma, MaxDecisions has rolled out the long-awaited Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models, model development processes and automation. This enables our clients to take advantage of the latest technology, technique, and algorithms to compete in today’s market.

We have developed, redeveloped several generations of artificial neural network and machine learning models in our R&D Lab in the past two years to perfect not only the accuracy and robustness of our models but also independently developed a new process of A.I. model development and training process.

As the financial industry including banks, special financing companies such as patient financing, home improvement, and private student loans matures. The technology and methods much evolve as well to take advantage of the datasets made available to the financial sector. MaxDecisions, Inc. deep domain knowledge in banking and lending underlines our research and development efforts. These new algorithm and techniques are finally made ready for our clients to improve their fraud detection, credit risk management, and direct response marketing.

MaxDecisions Inc.’s Direct Mail Response and Risk Models are the first sets of models developed based on our new research. It has been proven to have a significant lift over the traditional rule or logistic regression models. Specifically, we have developed a new ensembling approach to solving some of these difficult issues. We are employing multiple models to select the best of the best responders with the lowest default characteristics to make timely offers on our client’s behalf.

The combination of newly developed artificial neural network models, model training procedures and custom direct mail strategies is the most powerful set of tools to help our clients to improve their performance immediately. Contact us for more information.

MaxDecisions is hiring additional talent in Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics. For career opportunities, please visit

About MaxDecisions, Inc.

MaxDecisions Inc. is a leader in analytics, predictive modeling, and scoring technology. Founded in 2016, the company has experience explosive growth with over 80+ clients in Banking, Speciality Financing and FinTech companies across the US and Internationally. MaxDecisions™ strives to be the most trusted analytical firm. In 2019, MaxDecisions, Inc. has released it’s newest Artifical Neural Network and Machine Learning Models to enhance its overall marketing and risk management offerings. Visit us at

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  • Artificial Intelligence vs. Logistic Regression: Artificial Intelligence takes advantages of nonlinear relationship across all predictive and target variables to uncover hidden truth that overwise difficult for linear regression models to detect.
  • Hidden Relationships:By uncovering these hidden relationships between predictive variables, additional information value is uncovered to further explain the relationship between credit attributes and defaults. This hidden information is what makes machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that much power over linear logistic regression models.
  • MaxDecisons A.I.:We have finally made these algorithms and modeling processes available to our clients. After two years of research and development by our research scientists, we have tested and proven that artificial neural network and machine learning algorithms advantages.
  • Our Advantage:What sets us apart and our research is our deep knowledge in the banking and lending industry. Our sole vision is to evolve the entire financial sector to a new level with new technology and algorithms in concert with our decades of financial sector experience.

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