MaxDecisions welcomes Bernard Guerrero as Vice President of Decision Sciences

Bernard Guerrero Joins MaxDecisions, Inc. as Vice President of Decisions Sciences

(DATE 02-18-2020)

Plano, Texas. — MaxDecisions, Inc. (“MaxDecisions”) a leading fintech A.I. and machine learning analytics company based in Plano, Texas welcomes Bernard Guerrero as Vice President of Decision Sciences to further expand analytical products and offerings.

MaxDecisions, an industry leading analytical company leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence software has helped hundreds of specialty financing companies, banks as well as fintech startups with their marketing, underwriting and portfolio management analytics.

“As we strengthen our customer base and enhance our custom analytical product offerings, we are bringing industry veteran to help us deliver mission critical applications to help our clients from marketing to collections with our deep industry experience,” said Timothy Li, Founder, MaxDecisions. “I have known Bernard for over a decade and he’s dedication to the financial industry as well as his business acumen in the analytical sphere is bar none. We are excited to have such as talented individual to join our management team to further our vision of delivering world class analytics to clients worldwide.”

MaxDecisions was founded four years ago with a singular vision of lowering the barrier to entry with high end analytical offerings that drives marketing, underwriting and risk-based pricing tools for large and small financial institutions alike. We’ve found success over the past four years offering personalized services to help lenders to make better critical decisions.

MaxDecisions turnkey direct mail service has helped numerous specialty financing company to achieve the right balance between response, conversion and default rates. In addition, MaxDecisions’ underwriting models have been implemented by many point of sale fintech startups to help to launch and achieve profitability in a short amount of time.

“I am excited to start a new chapter at MaxDecisions, helping to expand its product offerings and market share as well as working with the current customer base to provide additional services, further enhancing their profitability.” said Bernard Guerrero. “My goal is to deliver even more value to our existing customers, as well as expand MaxDecisions’ coverage into new verticals in the near future.”

About MaxDecisions, Inc.

MaxDecisions, Inc. is industry leading analytics company leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligent algorithms to deliver unparalleled results in direct mail marketing, credit risk modeling as well as risk-based pricing and portfolio management algorithms. Our mission is to remove the barrier of entry for financial institutions large or small to access best in class analytics that delivers results. With over 20 data scientists, mathematicians and statisticians, we strive to deliver best in class analytical models to clients world wide.

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